The Encrypted Systems Lab (ESL) is a research lab in the Computer Science Department at Brown University. We are part of the Cryptography, Anonymity, Privacy and Security (CAPS) group.

Our research is focused on the design and analysis of encrypted systems which are information systems that can operate on end-to-end encrypted data. Our work is motivated by real-world problems in privacy, security and surveillance. Our approach is interdisciplinary, leveraging ideas from applied and theoretical cryptography, algorithms and data structures, data management and engineering and statistics and optimization.


  • Archita Agarwal joins ESL as a PhD student
  • Marilyn George joins ESL as a PhD student
  • Sam Zhao joins ESL as a PhD student
  • We released the Signal Search project! See this writeup for an overview
  • We released v0.2.0 of the Clusion encrypted search library. See this blog post for more
  • Our paper on Boolean Searchable Symmetric Encryption was accepted to Eurocrypt ‘17
  • Ghous Amjad joins ESL as a PhD student
  • Tarik Moataz joins ESL as postdoctoral researcher and associate director

Selected Projects

  • Signal Search: a version of the Signal encrypted messaging app with secure search functionality
  • Clusion: an encrypted search library written in Java and available open source under GPLv3
  • Metacrypt: an encrypted system that supports privacy-preserving contact chaining